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Convert Final Cut Pro titles/chapter markers for Youtube Chapter Online

Export Chapter Marker List as Text with Time

Upload fcpxml and build Youtube Chapter markers with timestamp from Final Cut Pro titles
This platform WILL NOT keep your file, it will be deleted after building youtube chapter markers.

Extract from: Final Cut Pro Marker[s]
    output chapter marker
    output todo
    output marker

Please refer to the following steps if you don't know how to export fcpxml.

Step 0a: Extract from Final Cut Pro Chapter Markers: Please follow this Final Cut Pro User Guide and put chapter markers on timeline

Step 0b: Extract from Title: Put these titles in your project timeline (only extract the first text field in title)

Step 1: File -> Export XML...

Step 2: Type filename and Click 'Save'

Result: copy and paste to youtube description

    Change log:
    fix bug: title not working

    Add options to export different types of marker

    Support standard final cut pro marker

    Bug fixed: chapter-marker timestamp is wrong in transition
    Bug Fixed: nested clip problem and time format.

    Fixed: clip and asset-clip nested problem.

Feedback: please contact [email protected]